Shipwreckatlas Emilybesser Hero
Emilybesser Shipwreckatlas Hero

Shipwreck Atlas, Original Artwork by Emily Besser


Shipwreck Atlas, Original Artwork by Emily Besser

Original painting by London based Australian artist, Emily Besser. This work of acrylic and pencil on paper is framed in Tasmanian Oak with a natural finish.

Inspired by daily life, family, environment and collected vintage finds, Emily’s work is autobiographical and reflects her surroundings.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“I have a thing for the word ‘ritual’. It hints at soul: meaningful purpose; devotion to something outside of Self; a soothing repeated action. Something to rely on, like the sun rising each day, and maybe even an antidote to over-thinking, over-planning and faithlessness.

A ritual can function as a physical task that relieves an anxiety, and is essentially an act of faith. Is art-making a ritual? It certainly is habitual. And sometimes repetitious. Repetition soothes me. Sitting in the same chair, choosing the same hour each day, a cup of tea in a particular cup, perhaps a lit candle to draw my heart in to the task ahead: a blank page that calls to me to make an offering.” – Emily Besser

Product Details

H: 210mm
W: 145mm



Emily Besser