South West Night Charlotte Swiden Hero

South West Night, Original Artwork by Charlotte Swiden


South West Night, Original Artwork by Charlotte Swiden

About the work:

South West Night, Original Artwork by Charlotte Swiden.

This piece is part of Talismans, Rafts, Mementosa group exhibition showcasing the work of the entire community of Modern Times artists. Throughout 2020 artists used their practice to make sense of what was happening, and this show celebrates this rich vein of creative output.

“This year I began to visit my home town Malmö more frequently in my sleep and felt further away than ever, aching for my family and homeland. But at the same time I’ve felt a real kinship with my new country. As I paint in lockdown the dreamt up layers, vailed and intricate, old memories woven and spun into new ones,” says Charlotte.

About the Artist:

Charlotte grew up in Sweden and moved to Australia in 2005 to undertake a BA in Communication Design at RMIT. She describes her work as an interplay of two identities, two cultures and the tension that lies between them. Her abstract paintings that pulsate with motifs of plants, primitive figures and intimations of landscape, rendered in a muted earthen palette.

Artwork Details:

– Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas
– Framed in Tasmanian Oak

Product Details

H: 510mm
W: 510mm

Charlotte Swiden

Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas. Framed in Tasmanian Oak.