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Speckled Devotions, Original Artwork by Morgana Celeste


Speckled Devotions, Original Artwork by Morgana Celeste, Paper, Plaster, Acrylic Paint, Plywood, Framed in Oak, 590 x 510mm, 2021

About the work:

Speckled Devotions, Original Artwork By Morgana Celeste.

This piece is part of Radiant Dreams, a group exhibition showcasing the work of more than 50 artists from the Modern Times community. Radiant Dreams invited our artists to unleash their most vibrant work, embracing colour, movement and verve. The resulting works are a buoyant collection reflecting optimism, energy and hope as we emerge from the monotonous routine of lockdown.

”These works are a celebration of movement and fresh energy. Our dreams start from an internal point of longing and radiate outwards, bumping into reality and reflecting off our daily lives. The last 19 months it’s felt like the most substantial essence of my joy has been embedded in dreams and an ability to daydream. For many of us, the world will be opening up again, new dreams will be formed by new experiences. It’s easier to dream outside of a vacuum,” Celeste says.

”This piece is about a love of light, movement and lilting shadows. The sound of a speck of dust caught on the needle of a record player between songs. A fuzzy sound of lilac that happens in and around other more commanding moments.”

About the Artist:

Morgana Celeste is a Melbourne-based florist and emerging artist. Combining her love of materiality and composition – and her studies in floristry and textile design – Morgana makes textural, abstract three-dimensional works that sit somewhere between painting and sculpture. Made using an unconventional mix of materials such as paper pulp, fine cement and high quality acrylic paint, each piece draws attention to the medium’s tactile quality and surprising beauty, rendered unrecognisable from its original form and intended use.

Artwork Details:

Paper, Plaster, Acrylic Paint, Plywood

Framed in Oak

Product Details

H: 590mm
W: 510mm



Morgana Celeste