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Stand 2, Original Artwork by Stacey Rees


Stand 2, Original Artwork by Stacey Rees, Acrylic on Canvas, 760mm x 920mm, 2022

About the work:

Stand 2, Original Artwork by Stacey Rees.

In her latest series, Stacey Rees challenges herself to work with a reduced colour palette, resulting in a highly contrasted effect.

“Normally I really embrace working with colour, however with this body of work, I’ve found it surprisingly rewarding interpreting this almost restricted theme. Focusing on day and night, shadow and depth and the overall contrasting elements,” Rees says.

About the Artist:

Fascinated by people, Stacey Rees continues her exploration of notions surrounding identity and the way we present ourselves. Her work looks beyond a person’s physical characteristics and speculates on their inner self. Stacey reflects on the smartphone phenomenon in contemporary society, in an avant-garde style that draws on features of people from magazines, as well as from her own reflection.

Artwork Details:

– Acrylic on Canvas

Product Details

H: 760mm
W: 920mm

Stacey Rees



Acrylic on canvas