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Storm Moving Through, Original Artwork by Ria Green


Storm Moving Through, Original Artwork by Ria Green

Original artwork by Melbourne artist Ria Green, in water colour, gouache, found and hand processed pigments and plaster on board.

Ria’s work examines ephemeral moments of wonderment found in the natural world and built environment. Her work explores the possibilities of representation using colour, light and found objects through the process of painting, hand-made forms and installation.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“There are many rituals that take place when making work, some I barely notice are happening and others are more deliberate, mindful moments. Observances like coffee in my perfectly sized golden glass, re-wetting pigments and watercolours, considering the palette that sits with the weather and mood. Rituals in my practice are often around taking time and looking. I will often take a moment before I begin a painting to consider the texture and scale of the surface; I look for what the work needs and where I shall take it.” – Ria Green

Product Details

H: 600mm
W: 480mm

Ria Green