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Tall Tales, Original Artwork by Saxon Quinn


Tall Tales, Original Artwork by Saxon Quinn

About the work:

Tall Tales, Original Artwork by Saxon Quinn.

Saxon’s work takes its cue from the asphalt sprawl of urban streetscapes. Inspired by his travels, particularly to New York, his work explores the play between smooth and textured form through the use of various mediums in complementary and tactile compositions.

“Painting acts as a kind of meditation for me, a way to escape and calm the restlessness. Whether I’m sketching pieces, pouring and staining cement or painting – everything stops for these moments and nothing else matters,” says Saxon.

About the Artist:

Saxon Quinn is a Melbourne-based self-taught artist. His use of cement can be seen as a literal interpretation of the urban environment from which he takes inspiration. Shape and line work together to create an urban topography of railway lines, graffitied walls, tiled subways and monolithic structures.

Artwork Details:

– Acrylic, oil, aerosol, graphite and oil pastel on board
– Framed in Oak

Product Details

H: 1480mm
W: 1140mm

Saxon Quinn