Tangerine Cream Original Painting By Elle Burguez Hero

Tangerine-Cream, Original Painting by Elle Burguez


Tangerine-Cream, Original Painting by Elle Burguez

An original painting by Elle Burguez, in acrylic on canvas, framed in Tasmanian Oak.

Elle Burguez is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her work is entwined with her wide interests in music, film, writing and art, often combining her passions of children’s literature to create illustrative style works.

Inspired by her travels over the past 5 years, especially living and working in Morocco, these recent works from Burguez portray elements of this rich history, inviting our imaginations to fill in the story behind these objects.

“I imagine relaxing in rooms surrounded by beautiful handmade things and feeling a strong sense of peace. There might be incense burning and a tropical storm outside and I am sharing traditional recipes with my loved ones. Our hearts are full of love and all judgements and worries are gone.” – Elle Burguez

Product Details

H: 915mm
W: 1220mm

Elle Burguez

Acrylic On Canvas, Framed