Elizabethbarnett Tealeaves Hero

Tea Leaves, Original Artwork by Elizabeth Barnett


Tea Leaves, Original Artwork by Elizabeth Barnett

Original painting by Melbourne artist Elizabeth Barnett, oil on linen framed in Tasmanian Oak.

Elizabeth’s work documents her surroundings, often depicting intimate domestic spaces filled with exotic and interesting plants, colour, treasured objects and furniture, seasonal still life compositions and landscapes. As a female artist and mother she is constantly returning to ideas surrounding the split between motherhood and creative life, living on the land and in harmony with the seasons.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“The importance of ritual was instilled in me from a young age. I treasured traditions and family rituals and carried many of these into life with my own family and my creative practice. Life with young children can be chaotic, so to have a set of morning rituals levels my head and sets a tone for the day.

The day always begins with tea, exercise (be it a walk, run or yoga), writing in my journal or sketching at the kitchen table or the local cafe, and taking a pair of secateurs into the garden to gather a bunch of flowers to draw or paint or to simply admire on the kitchen table. Music is also a constant in my studio and vinyl records are my partner’s passion and a big part of my family’s life. The compositions of my works for ‘Ritual Practice’ are filled with creative clutter and joyful pairings of treasured objects and symbols.” – Elizabeth Barnett

Product Details

H: 610mm
W: 510mm

Elizabeth Barnett