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Ten Acres B, Original Artwork by Isobel Rayson


Ten Acres B, Original Artwork by Isobel Rayson

Hammered woodblock framed in a black timber frame by Canberra based artist Isobel Rayson.

Isobel Rayson’s work explores mark making as a means to investigate and document ideas of presence and trace. She is often preoccupied with thoughts of passing time; where she stands in her immediate environment; and how she might capture this temporality as a record of her presence in the world.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“I strike the wood with my selected rock, leaving varying indents, dependent on the force applied. The repetitive act of striking the wood became meditative and I found myself getting lost in this rhythmic process. At first glance, the marks can appear quite subtle on the matt black surface of the wood, and require closer inspection. As the light changes over the course of the day, the surface reflects the light and shadows differently and unveils more of this textured surface.

Working processes continue to be a very important part of my art practice. I see these final works as relics that document the rituals and routines that went into making the work. I enjoy looking back on finished pieces and reminiscing of the tool that made the work, and the moment of discovering the tool on my property.” – Isobel Rayson

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H: 420mm
W: 420mm



Isobel Rayson