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The Lake Was Awash With Beauty, Original Artwork by Amy Wright


The Lake Was Awash With Beauty, Original Artwork by Amy Wright

Original painting by Victorian based artist Amy Wright, framed in Tasmanian Oak.

Wright works in mixed media – predominately oil, acrylic and prismacolour pencil – and her painting methodology is similar to that of collage, where the whole is made up of cropped fragments. Pattern, shape, texture and colour are core to her practice and create a sensory narrative of the landscape.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“At the start of a new body of work, I paint my studio walls and work benches white, I ‘clean the slate’ as it were to always start from a clear mind and a clear space. I start by ‘building’ my surfaces, experimenting with techniques and application of mediums that create highly tactile grounds.

Interested in discarded, ignored or apparently barren landscapes, I am driven to capture the ‘in-between’ moments and the essence of a memory. Through rituals of experimentation and play, and a trust in my inner creative, I catch myself in that ‘sweet spot’, where the brush seems to move across the surfaces without my conscious thought. It is this moment, that I aspire to reach in every work!” – Amy Wright

Product Details

H: 637mm
W: 530mm



Amy Wright