Staceyrees Trafficlight Hero

The Traffic Light, Original Artwork by Stacey Rees


The Traffic Light, Original Artwork by Stacey Rees

Original painting by Victorian based artist Stacey Rees, in acrylic on board.

Fascinated by people, Stacey Rees explores notions surrounding identity and the way we present ourselves. Her work looks beyond a person’s physical characteristics and speculates on their inner self.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“I’m a bit of an early bird so most mornings when I get up, I grab a cup of tea and sit outside to take in the environment around me. I’m really lucky where I live, surrounded by nature alongside Gariwerd (Grampians) National Park. I get to see all the animals come and go as the seasons pass. At the moment emus, black cockys and kangaroos are getting around eating the grass seeds. I guess it’s my way of meditating. Having that time alone is really important to me, I can clear my mind in preparation for the day ahead by keeping my thoughts and emotions in check. Being aware of simplifying my daily needs and demands, reminding myself that I don’t really need much to be happy!” – Stacey Rees

Product Details

H: 600mm
W: 600mm

Stacey Rees