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Untitled 2, Original Artwork by Warren O’Brien


Untitled 2, Original Artwork by Warren O’Brien, Acrylic on Paper, Framed in White Painted Timber, 940 x 770mm, 2010

About the work:

Untitled 2, Original Artwork by Warren O’Brien.

This piece is part of Radiant Dreams, a group exhibition showcasing the work of more than 50 artists from the Modern Times community. Radiant Dreams invited our artists to unleash their most vibrant work, embracing colour, movement and verve. The resulting works are a buoyant collection reflecting optimism, energy and hope as we emerge from the monotonous routine of lockdown.

Warren O’Brian is a painter’s painter: he is steadfastly committed to creating colourful and repeated acrylic and ink archways on paper and canvas. His highly layered artworks transcend the simple arch form and experiment with extensive, striking colour combinations. The paintings in Radiant Dreams exude joy with their bright and inviting colour schemes, centring on yellows, pastel pinks, greens and blues. When you experience O’Brian’s work in person, they draw you in and make you happy; and we need more happiness in present times.

About the Artist:

Warren O’Brien is a prolific painter whose abstract images reflect the rhythm and repetition of his process. The layering of rich, radiant colours affords the work depth and texture, while the free brush work and dripped paint brings to mind the spontaneous style of abstract expressionism. His use of the repeated arc motif based on the architectural form of the arched window is magnetic in effect, drawing attention to the many complex layers of the works. He builds upon his well-defined style of mark making by scrapings manic text and text-like marks into the paint. O’Brien has been a regular artist at Arts Project Australia since 2005.

Artwork Details:


Acrylic on Paper

Framed in White Painted Timber

Product Details

H: 940mm
W: 770mm



Warren O'Brien