Maxlawrencewhite Untitled Hero

Untitled, Original Artwork by Max Lawrence White


Untitled, Original Artwork by Max Lawrence White

Original painting by Melbourne based artist Max Lawrence White, acrylic on wood.

White’s practice centres around colour and its tendency to be inexhaustible within its combinations, readings and meanings. Through his works he aims to present an unconventional experience and challenge how the viewer perceives colour.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“My ritual that is important for my practice is the commute to the studio from either my work place or home. I will almost always cycle to the studio (weather permitting). The ride from my home takes me through the inner west and along the Maribyrnong River. The ride from my work place takes me through the city and then docklands. Both rides take me through a combination of natural and urban environments. From the city I ride past towers of shipping containers and endless parades of trucks, kind of like riding through a real life Jeffrey Smart painting. From home I ride under rail bridges, along the river, through native growth and past a Chinese temple devoted to the goddess of the sea. These commutes act as a kind of preparation, both mentally and physically, helping me to create a space between my daily life and my studio practice.” – Max Lawrence White

Product Details

H: 450mm
W: 900mm