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Viscous, Original Artwork by Liam Haley


Viscous, Original Artwork by Liam Haley, Watercolour and Ink on Paper, Framed in Tasmanian Oak, 490 x 370mm, 2021

About the work:

Viscous, Original Artwork by Liam Haley.

This piece is part of Radiant Dreams, a group exhibition showcasing the work of more than 50 artists from the Modern Times community. Radiant Dreams invited our artists to unleash their most vibrant work, embracing colour, movement and verve. The resulting works are a buoyant collection reflecting optimism, energy and hope as we emerge from the monotonous routine of lockdown.

”Finding solace in making, I have developed a series of watercolour paintings to recollect the vibrant times of life. Reminiscing upon the past and imagining an even more colourful future, these artworks evoke longing desires for the little things that are sometimes overlooked. Thunderstorms, sunrises, the smell of fresh cut grass and dancing barefoot,” Haley says.

“Framed by a teasing margin lies a disrupted collection of colours that fill the spaces between linework. Shapes are formed freely, sometimes without lifting the brush. Colourful curvy layers overlap and dissolve between the deckled edges of the cotton paper. Bold but equally subtle colour cures the voids with poise, forming unique environments for imagination.”

About the Artist:

Liam Haley is a multi-disciplinary artist currently living and working in Melbourne. Born on the Northern Rivers of NSW, Haley’s upbringing was surrounded by a scenic environment of green and blue fertile landscapes, which has shaped his art practice today.

Artwork Details:

Watercolour and Ink on Paper

Framed in Tasmanian Oak

Product Details

H: 490mm
W: 370mm



Liam Haley