Anja #4 Original Photograph By Lilli Waters 01

Anja #4, Original Photograph by Lilli Waters


Anja #4, Original Photograph by Lilli Waters – LG Framed, 680mm x 1020mm, 2015 Edition of 8

The ANJA series from Melbourne-based photographer Lilli Waters is a search for self-awareness and compassion by reconnecting to our place in the natural world through vulnerability and discovery. ANJA confronts the fears and stigmas associated with the perception of women’s bodies in today’s world of unrealistic and idealised standards of how women ‘should’ look. Lilli is not interested in sexualising the form of her subjects, but is on a quest to find self compassion and emotional awareness, in both herself and her audience.

A Lilli Waters image has a painterly quality, with macabre or off-kilter elements enlivened by emotion, a sense of movement, jewel-like colours and deft use of light.

This work is in a limited edition of 8 and is available either unframed or framed.

Product Details

Extra Large - 1000 x 1500mm, Large - 680 x 1020mm

Black Painted Oak, Unframed

Lilli Waters