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Artist’s Book: Brooke Holm Sand Sea


Artist’s Book: Brooke Holm Sand Sea

Sand Sea is an artist’s book featuring the works from Brooke Holm’s photographic series by the same name. The book focuses on the duality of light and dark and includes an introduction by the artist. The book has a fold out concertina cover with a sculptural deboss and foil stamp. It is unbound, held together with an elastic band. Printed in Melbourne on 100% recycled paper.

Sand Sea is the latest body of work from photographer Brooke Holm. Sand Sea presents nine photographic landscapes. Shot entirely in the Namib Sand Sea, the oldest desert in the world, where vast and inhospitable stretches of sand dunes stretch for over 80,000 kilometres and transform under the African sun in stunning gradients or red, brown and pink. Diving into the expanse of the Sea Sea, it appears never-ending. The ribbons and patterns in the sand are intricately formed, with each detail perfectly positioned as if there were a mastermind at work.

Product Details

H: 340mm
W: 230mm
D: 10mm

Brooke Holm


100% recycled paper