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Artist’s Book: Dave Kulesza DPRK: North Korea In Colour


Artist’s Book: Dave Kulesza DPRK: North Korea In Colour

About the work:

Artist’s Book: Dave Kulesza DPRK: North Korea In Colour.

This book is the series companion to Dave Kulesza’s DPRK: North Korea In Colour photographic series. Featuring 94 pages, 67 images over 4 chapters, focusing on a visual perspective of Architecture & Design in the Capital City Pyongyang.

“This series is about the design throughout the Capital, Pyongyang, explored through its architecture and interior design over 3 days. There seemed to be a strong North Korean style which was quite infectious to capture. At times, it felt like I was walking through a moment before my time, a surreal time capsule which I would not otherwise be apart of,” says Dave.

About the Artist:
Dave Kulesza specialises in architecture and residential interior design photography, and uses clean compositions, natural light and polishing post production methods as his main tools. A long lasting fascination of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea as well as the structures inside the hermit kingdom opened up an opportunity to photograph a fine art series in North Korea in 2019.

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– Soft Cover Artist Book

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