Im A Sad Girl Original Photograph By Lilli Waters 01

I’m A Sad Girl, Original Photograph by Lilli Waters


I’m a Sad Girl, Original Photograph by Lilli Waters – LG Framed, 680mm x 1020mm, 2016 Edition of 8

I’m A Sad Girl, Original Photograph by Lilli Waters.

The Discolour’d Floral Games series from Melbourne-based photographer Lilli Waters explores the relationship between women and nature, focusing on the fine details of the florals and using a layered aesthetic, incorporating some collage. Discolour’d is a somewhat dark eerie series, a mix of black and white film noir-style images and rich deep colours, portraying these women’s darkest fears and secrets of the natural world. The florals in their own way appear to lurk in the shadows and be almost ‘devouring’ the subjects. There is a certain mystery, desire and a ‘becoming’ or ‘merging’ of the two elements, as if the petals are extensions of the women themselves. Succumbing to the seduction of these giant sometimes foreboding specimens, we sense vulnerability and fear as it morphs with beauty and darkness. We are not sure if these florals are friend or foe?

A Lilli Waters image has a painterly quality, with macabre or off-kilter elements enlivened by emotion, a sense of movement, jewel-like colours and deft use of light.

This work is in a limited edition of 8 and is available either unframed or framed.

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Extra Large - 1000 x 1500mm, Large - 680 x 1020mm

Black Painted Oak, Unframed

Lilli Waters