She Raw #29 Original Photograph By Lilli Waters 01

She Raw #29, Original Photograph by Lilli Waters


She Raw #29, Original Photograph by Lilli Waters – LG Framed, 680mm x 1020mm, 2012 Edition of 8

She Raw #29, Original Photograph by Lilli Waters.

The She Raw series from Melbourne-based photographer Lilli Waters documents forty-one everyday women within a state of fantasy whist drawing directly from their real-life experience. This series of photographic portraits uncovers fascinators of the many engaging mysteries and hidden truths which lie, often undiscovered, beneath a woman’s skin. By drawing intimacies and challenges, self-reflection propels us into the untold relationships we have with ourselves and the women around us, giving us further insight into the contexts of external beauties and internal sanctums.

A Lilli Waters image has a painterly quality, with macabre or off-kilter elements enlivened by emotion, a sense of movement, jewel-like colours and deft use of light.

This work is in a limited edition of 8 and is available either unframed or framed.

Product Details

Extra Large - 1000 x 1500mm, Large - 680 x 1020mm

Black Painted Oak, Unframed

Lilli Waters