Wall Flower Sculpture By Kayleigh Heydon Hero

Wallflower, Original Sculpture by Kayleigh Heydon


Wallflower, Original Sculpture by Kayleigh Heydon

This sculpture work is part of Kayleigh Heydon’s solo exhibition ‘The Pleasure is All Mine’.

Soft curvaceous forms in American Oak are offset with deep American walnut and are interwoven with repeated daisy, circle and hand motifs. Although abstract, many of the works in ‘The Pleasure is All Mine’ possess an engaging narrative quality evoking a sense of heightened social interaction.

Manchester born, Melbourne-based, multidisciplinary artist Kayleigh Heydon fills the canvas with a rich tapestry of shape and colour. This lively interaction gives each work its own distinct sense of energy and an unmistakable joie de vivre.

This Artwork is available for purchase via Artmoney.

Product Details

H: 580mm
W: 560mm
D: 470mm

Kayleigh Heydon