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Andrew Pye

Andrew Pye lives and works in Wangaratta in North East Victoria where he paints, sculpts and writes poetry daily.

‘There’s no hidden meaning to my work. It is the Australian Bush,’ Pye says. He is continually inspired by his surroundings, admitting his studies en plein air are ten-fold since moving to regional Victoria. He is concerned with how certain elements of the landscape coexist and interact with each other – from trees to weeds and disused fences that have grown back into the irregularity of the bush.

Immersing himself in the bush with no distractions is an integral part of his practice. Largely inspired by Danila Vassilieff in his approach to painting, Pye says it is through Vassilieff’s eyes that he attempts to see and depict the Australian bush.

Pye has exhibited works as part of several solo and group exhibitions and his work is also held in various private collections.

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