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Chanel Tobler

Chanel Tobler is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is led by drawing and supported by elements of installation, ceramics and painting. She is guided by gestural-abstraction and explores the feelings of her body wherever and whenever she is creating. Drawing on her studies in anthropology, Tobler’s creations reflect her sense of home, belonging and relationships, whilst transforming the emotions and vulnerability she feels in being.

“Using the visual language of the drawn mark, I question and endeavour to explain this self-extracted meaning of my time on earth. Through this mode of creating, I document feelings of my interactions with living and innate beings and objects. In many ways, I believe that our feelings are the only way left to communicate and connect with oneself and one another. ” she states

Tobler has been exhibiting in Sydney for the past two years. Her pieces have been acquired by the National Art School, as well as in private collections in Australia, Switzerland and the UK. She completed her education at the National Art School, and she is based in Sydney, Australia.

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