Derek Swalwell

Derek Swalwell began his career as an assistant, predominantly working in the advertising industry with several automotive and advertising photographers. He studied commercial photography in Melbourne in the early 90s and embarked on his own assisting career after graduating, where he first learnt the basics of existing in the commercial world and working as a busy commercial photographer. His real experience however came when he began working in the architectural field.

With great interest led by his fascination with structural design and buildings, and after assisting in Australia and the UK for six years, Derek embarked on a search for his own clients and began to shoot architectural commissions for various Melbourne firms. As he became more successful in the filed, he started to explore various work in his architectural practice by exploring lifestyle photography, thus leading into advertising where the brief was suited to his unique style.

Currently Derek shoots both selected architectural work, in Australia and in Singapore, with advertising campaign work in both Melbourne and Sydney. Appearing in multiple design and architecture books and magazines including, InDesign, Vogue Living, Architectural Digest US, Habitus, and advertising clients including Qantas, Mazda, Sony, Airbnb.

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