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Diana Miller

Diana Miller, is an abstract painter and shape-maker.

Objects from the everyday and her studio surroundings are the fodder for an endless making process. Anything that inspires the beginnings of an interesting shape is valued currency.

Small drawings, painted paper, cardboard and wood combine to create a playfully constructed visual language. These fun and experimental works underpin and inform all her paintings. The interplay of line, form and colour are the elements with which Diana tussles during her art-making.

Her larger works on linen are approached in a fluid manner, where the paintings direct themselves and Diana is engaged by the constant need for decision-making.

Her smaller works are stylistically restrained, composed, almost structured, and are a direct correlation to the collages from which they are derived.

Born and raised in South Africa and now living in Byron Bay, Diana was a graphic designer for a number of years before making the switch to painting in 2008. She was awarded the Byron School of Arts Graduate Award for contemporary art studies in 2018. She has held 6 solo shows and participated in numerous group shows and Art Prizes across Australia. Diana has been awarded prizes in the ‘c.a.s.e Postcard Show’, The ‘Little Things Art Prize’ at St Cloche in Sydney, ‘The Rotary Art Spectacular’ and ‘The Lethbridge 10000’ in Brisbane, and was a finalist in the Clayton Utz Art Prize.

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