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Jade Sibinovski

For painter Jade Sibinovski, form and colour are inseparable modes of expression in her works. A background in advertising and graphic design, and now a dedicated painting practice, underpins her passion for playful imagery that communicates in unexpected ways.

In her paintings Sibinovski compiles dense layers of pigment to provoke unusual relationships between pure material colour and abstract forms. Using a process that references the chance and deliberation of collage, she renders abstracted imagined worlds out of flat planes of colour.

Jade Sibinovski is a Sydney artist who graduated with honours in painting from the National Art School in 2016. Her work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions across Sydney including the Rayner Hoff Studio (2015), St Cloche Gallery (2016), and BEAMS Arts Festival Chippendale and Collab Gallery, Sydney (2017).

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