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Skye Jefferys

Skye Jefferys is a painter, exploring human relationships and connection in her art practice. Through gestural brush-strokes; canvases washed with thin layers of paint; spontaneous, bold forms interacting with scratchy lines; Skye draws on her inner world – emotion, mood, struggles and joy – to explore what it means to be human.

Her approach to painting is similar to meditation, there is a ‘letting-go’ of all thought and expectation, allowing the energy to flow onto the canvas. Sometimes this can be a dynamic and full-body experience, other times only small, considered marks are made.

 Skye studied a Bachelor of Design – Visual Communication at Monash University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Art at the VCA, and teaches Yoga. She spent the past 8 years living as an expat in Asia and Europe, exhibiting in both Singapore and Switzerland. Her paintings are held in private collections in Hong Kong, London, Geneva, Paris, Singapore. She has recently returned home to Melbourne and paints from her garage in Elwood.

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