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Bianca Mavrick

Bianca Mavrick Jewellery is a self-titled jewellery label whose playful forms, eclectic motifs and exuberant colours have been kindling imaginations since 2013.  Approaching kitsch, irony and distortion of scale with aplomb, Bianca’s designs are dynamic, site-specific sculptures that explore the link between individual expression and shared visual language. With bold forms and clever colours, Bianca’s jewellery askew typical jewellery design archetypes to create work that is original and unseen.

Bianca is a trained contemporary jeweller and holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art (Jewellery and Small Objects). Maintaining an active sculpture and contemporary jewellery practice, her wearable designs can be viewed as an aesthetic extension of her art. With a background in Industrial Design, Bianca is known for pushing the boundaries of production beyond the precepts of traditional jewellery making. From her studio in Queensland, Australia, she pits artisanal processes against industrial fabrication, resolving the two through handmade techniques that combine the precision of fine craftsmanship with a distinct maker’s mark. Vivid colours are her calling card, expressed through her signature contrasting materials of colour-coated metals,  and precious metals, stones and plastics. 

Beyond its surface qualities, Bianca’s jewellery is full of discoverable subtexts. Embedded with a distinct sense of place yet flexible enough to accommodate one’s own sense of self – timely but also timeless – these are beguiling objects that the wearer can return to over and over again, always with a renewed sense of wonder. Designing pieces that are totemic keepsakes, Bianca believes that a piece of jewellery can become a bold signature for its wearer – a confident, discerning statement of identity.

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