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Leaf and Thread

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Leaf and Thread pots are all hand made by Laura Veleff in her East Brunswick studio in Melbourne, where she throws, trims, glazes and fires her work. These handmade ceramic pots reflect a deep affection for the natural world and bring a sense of wellbeing and quiet enjoyment to our inside spaces.

A lover of plants and domestic traditions of folk art and crafts, Laura was naturally drawn to pottery and making functional wares. Laura’s work is suggestive of its natural elements and organic function in colour and form alike. Laura’s work is also guided by a consciousness about her materials and their manufacture.   

Stoneware and terracotta clay is dug straight from the South Australian ground and fibre used for hanging planters is high-quality linen and cotton weaver’s thread made by a member of the Swedish Nature Conservation Society. All timber bases use recycled wood. 

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