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Chair I in Limestone by Lucas Wearne


Chair I in Limestone by Lucas Wearne

About the work:

Chair I in Limestone by Lucas Wearne.

This piece was created in response to Modern Times’s exhibition re:coquo for Melbourne Design Week 2021. Expanding on the broader Design Week theme of ‘Design the world you want’, re:coquo participants were invited to examine existing work, material or unresolved ideas and revisit the broken, forgotten or discarded with the aim of creating something anew.

“The world I want to see is one in which the appreciation and demand for the handmade will only strengthen. With this in mind, I chose the chair – an idea that I had set aside and never realised, and one of the most ‘everyday’ objects in our lives. I saw this as the ideal candidate to demonstrate how the blending of form, materiality and function can extend the everyday experience beyond the purely practical. Whilst this duality is a fundamental tenet of my work, there is a play on words happening in this instance, too, as the pieces are intended to nod to the ornamental, sculptural design qualities that characterise the Rococo period,” says Wearne.

About the Artist:

Lucas Wearne is a self-taught artist, craftsperson and maker based in Melbourne. He is best known for his natural limestone sculptures and hybrid objects that balance form, materiality and process and fuse traditional workmanship with contemporary design.

Additional Details:

– Exclusively available at Modern Times
– Artist-made by hand in Australia

Product Details

H: 859mm
W: 425mm
D: 430mm



Lucas Wearne