Permanent Future Easey Sofa Ottoman Round Atelier Luxury Pf Fs Ea Ot Rd Al Front View Thumb
Permanent Future Easey Sofa Ottoman Rectangle Atelier Luxury Pf Fs Ea Ot Rc Al 45º View
Permanent Future Easey Sofa Ottoman Square Atelier Luxury Pf Fs Ea Ot Sq Al Front View
Permanent Future Easey Sofa Ottoman Square Atelier Luxury Pf Fs Ea Ot Sq Al 45º View

Easey Ottoman by Permanent Future


Easey Ottoman Rectangle in by Permanent Future

Easey Ottoman

*Order your Permanent Future sofa before 26 August to ensure pre-Christmas delivery, and we’ll throw in two complementary large cushions (valued at RRP $450) in the chosen sofa fabric! Contact the team to find out more.

Like a footstool, but more worldly.

Product features

Rest those weary feet. The Easey Ottoman’s pillowy cushion provides ultimate comfort while complementing your sofa’s boxy aesthetic.

Just like its sofa counterpart, the Easey ottoman makes being ethical, well, easy. Not only is it GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified, the solid timber frame is also Responsible Wood-certified. Our VOC-free foam cushioning will keep your lounge room free of chemicals, and we offer vegan alternatives for those who’d rather go animal- (as well as cruelty-) free.

Various upholstery options are available, and the piece can be delivered in sections and assembled on site (aka your soon-to-be-even-comfier living room).

Made entirely in Melbourne, for pure enjoyment. Easey does it.

About Permanent Future

Permanent Future – Sofas by Modern Times

We know furniture. As the owners of Modern Times, we’ve spent 10 years sourcing it. Dissecting it. Restoring it. Sitting on it. We’ve loved all the classics, and now we’ve created our own. Cue Permanent Future: a new collection of sofas, designed and manufactured in Melbourne to our exacting (some might say fussy) standards.

We labour over every part of the design and manufacturing process, choose only the best materials, and work tirelessly to blend form and function into something you can’t help but want to sit on.

Of course, good design means more than making nice-looking things. It means being good, full stop.

All our sofas (and cushions, and ottomans, and footstools) are made using ethical and sustainable practices. Materials and methods that are good for the living room and the planet.

And because our sofas are made to last an aeon, not a fashion cycle, you can take (literal) comfort in buying well, buying once.

Permanent Future – furniture to live on (and on).

Product Details

Rectangle - H: 400 x W: 1200 x D: 720 mm, Square - H: 400 x W: 720 x D: 720 mm

Atelier Dreamy, Atelier Himalayan, Atelier Luxury, Atelier Oxford

Permanent Future

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