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Bright Beads Wall Hook in Solid Timber by Marz Designs, Australia


Bright Beads Diamond Wall Hook in Solid Oak by Marz Designs, Australia

Bright Beads Wall Hook in Solid Timber by Marz Designs.

These hardwood wall hooks are available in three different shapes: Diamond in Solid Oak, Disc in Solid Walnut and Spin in Solid Ash (listed in order of appearance in image carousel to the left). Shaped from FSC approved hardwoods, they are individually handcrafted and lend a natural touch to the modern home.

Marz Designs owner and lead designer Coco Reynolds began her career as an Industrial Designer and in 2010 established her independent practice Marz Designs, working in furniture. Enamoured with the design and architecture movements of the 50s and 60s, Coco interprets these works using her own contemporary aesthetic that favours natural materials and a love for simple, yet beautiful silhouettes.

Care for Marz Wall Hooks:
All timber comes pre-oiled however timber requires regular maintenance to maintain the product’s natural shine and prevent from warping or splitting. Marz recommend polishing every 3 to 6 months, using natural beeswax polish to restore and maintain.

Lead time for this product is up to 6 weeks.

Product Details

Diamond, Disc, Spin

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