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Charcoal Dormant Bulb in Mid Fire Ceramic by Kirsten Perry


Charcoal Dormant Bulb in Mid Fire Ceramic by Kirsten Perry

Kirsten Perry is a Melbourne based ceramic artist with a background in Fine Art (Gold & Silversmithing), Industrial Design and Multimedia. A self-taught ceramicist, she predominately slip casts mid-fired functional and non-functional vessels that pay homage to traditional ceramics.

This work is from ‘Cut and Fold’ – an Artist In Focus series presented by Modern Times.

“I love to investigate the relationship between elements of error, chance and humour. Traditional beauty disguises faults and errors but I am attracted to vulnerability and faults; seeing faults in others helps me to accept and embrace my own. I start with materials structurally very different from clay, such as foam and paper – cutting the foam with a wire cutter and folding the paper into forms nearly impossible to create by hand in clay. Mould making is central to my practice and enables repetition of forms. This repetition allows me to explore many different relationships between forms and helps me settle on the most unusually pleasant,” Kirsten Perry.

Product Details

H: 470mm
W: 200mm
D: 200mm

Kirsten Perry

Mid Fired Ceramic, Glaze