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Aeon Vase in Raw Stoneware by Csongvay Blackwood


Aeon Vase in Raw Stoneware by Csongvay Blackwood

Aeon Vase in Raw Stoneware by Csongvay Blackwood. Csongvay Blackwood is the combined creative expression of Csilla Csongvay and Matt Blackwood. Their artworks balance form with function to create ceramic pieces using geometry and tonal glazes, which reference the Brutalist architecture of Csilla’s childhood in Romania and Matt’s love of Mid-Century Modern.

This piece is made in collaboration with Modern Times, exclusively for ‘Modern Rituals’; a series of highly covetable objects that signify and connect to rituals within practice, daily life and the artists own culture. We hope that you find something special within this collection to gift to your loved ones this Christmas.

“Rituals define who we are, where we come from, and where we’re headed. The Csongvay Blackwood Aeon Vase is a symbol of the time that rituals have influenced our beliefs and behaviour in a sculptural form that is one part ancient and two parts modern.” – Csilla Csongvay and Matt Blackwood

     – Exclusively available at Modern Times

     – Artist-made by hand in Australia

     – This piece is suitable to hold liquid

     – Limited numbers available

     – Free Gift Wrap


Product Details

H: 120mm
W: 130mm
D: 70mm

Csongvay Blackwood

Natural Clay