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Double Lumena in Hand Built Ceramic by Kerryn Levy


Double Lumena in Black Hand Built Ceramic by Kerryn Levy

About the work:

Double Lumena in Hand Built Ceramic by Kerryn Levy in lilac, white or black.

This piece is made in collaboration with Modern Times exclusively for Illuminated; a series of limited-edition artist-made candle holders intended to provide a beautiful solitary moment, or contribute to a shared experience.

“Gifting a hand-made object is incredibly special as it’s completely unique, each one with its own slightly different characteristics and marks of the maker. Every time it is used or regarded, each time a candle is lit, the user is reminded of the person who gifted it to them – the person who picked it out, maybe felt it in their hands, decided it was the perfect fit. These small but significant moments of connection are particularly important now when so many of us have felt isolated or disconnected. It’s a small reminder that someone is thinking of and loving us,” says Kerryn.

About the Artist:

Kerryn Levy is a ceramic artist who works from her studio at the Jam Factory in South Australia. Kerryn aims to bring people together through a shared love of clay, landscape and beautiful objects. Using traditional ceramic processes, she created objects that have a connection to the human body that formed them, and the landscape from whence they came.

Additional Details:

– Exclusively available at Modern Times
– Artist-made by hand in Australia
– Limited numbers available
– Free Gift Wrap

Product Details

H: 180mm
W: 100mm
D: 70mm

Black, Lilac, White

Kerryn Levy