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Flowing Halcyon Dish in Stoneware by Peta Armstrong


Flowing Halcyon Dish in Stoneware by Peta Armstrong

The flowing halcyon Dish brings a sense of calm to any table setting with its beautiful earthy tones and mesmerising swirl pattern on the bottom of the dish. Leave empty to be admired, or fill with seasonal fruit and veggies or your favourite large dishes to share!

Peta Armstrong is based in Torquay, Victoria. She makes high fired stoneware pieces using traditional materials and techniques with a contemporary aesthetic.

This piece is made in collaboration with Modern Times, exclusively for Modern Rituals.

“The Flowing Halcyon Dish has many subtle variations of surface and texture. In observing and viewing the piece hopefully it prompts further investigation to pick up, handle, and experience its tactile quality. The weight was really important to give the piece an anchor within its environment, almost a ballast of significance, to add to the importance of gathering and being used in celebration and ritual.” – Peta Armstrong.

     – Exclusively available at Modern Times

     – Artist-made by hand in Australia

     – Limited numbers available

     – Free Gift Wrap


Product Details

H: 50mm
W: 270mm
D: 270mm

Peta Armstrong