MT Exclusives

We have been working for months on developing a series of exclusive, highly covetable, artist-made production line pieces that our clients will be thrilled to give their loved ones this season. We are excited to bring a series of exquisite and collectable gifts to our clients, at a range of price points for every buyer. Playing on the theme of our successful objects show Relics Today, we are interested in further exploring the idea of covetable pieces that represent treasure of the current day, to be enjoyed now and in years to come. Our contributing artists – including Nicolette Johnson, Hearth Collective, Claudia Lau, Oh Hey Grace, James Lemon, Sharon Muir, Peta-Marie Armstrong, Yasmin Hackett, Toyah Perry and Pip Stent have taken inspiration from this theme and worked with us to produce a limited series of products that are affordable but absolutely gift-worthy. The gifts range in price from $30 to $350. 

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