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Candelabra 0001 in Polished Steel by Thomas Maxam

Base Candelabra 0001 in Polished Steel by Thomas Maxam

Candelabra 0001 in Polished Steel by Thomas Maxam. THOMAS MAXAM is a collaboration from two Melbourne designers Thomas Cohen and Maxam Whiteley. Bonding over their appreciation of design and the Australian way of life, their aim is to design collections of interactive objects, designed to become a permanent fixture of your interior landscape. They consider the user’s experience with objects and what a product evokes when in a home setting.

CANDELABRA 0001 contains four stackable candle holders, topped by a match scuttle that stores and lights matches.
Sets are limited edition – 100 pieces. Editions are signed & numbered, beautifully boxed to order. Match Scuttle includes Match Flint & Matches.

Lead times varies depending on stock availability. Please contact our wonderful sales team for your orders accurate delivery time.

Base – Ø60 – 30mm H
Large – Ø55 – 100mm H
Medium – Ø50 – 55mm H
Small – Ø45 – 70mm H
Match Scuttle – Ø35 – 60mm H
Set – Ø55 – 315mm H

Product Details

Base, Large, Match Scuttle, Medium, Set, Small

Thomas Maxam