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Connected in Stoneware and Paint by Katarina Wells


Connected in Stoneware and Paint by Katarina Wells

About the work:

Connected Sculpture in Stoneware and Paint by Katarina Wells.

This piece was created in response to Modern Times’s exhibition re:coquo for Melbourne Design Week 2021. Expanding on the broader Design Week theme of ‘Design the world you want’, re:coquo participants were invited to examine existing work, material or unresolved ideas and revisit the broken, forgotten or discarded with the aim of creating something anew.

“I started thinking about our own flaws and how the pressure of presenting ourselves as perfect has isolated us from each other and made us more and more unhappy. True connection with others is only possible if we are willing to show our real selves and be vulnerable with each other, hence the lines that connect the circles. Creating this piece taught me to stay flexible and look at ‘flaws’ creatively and see them as opportunities rather than disasters,” says Wells.

About the Artist:

Austrian born Katarina Wells works from her home studio on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Most of her pieces ‘grow’ slowly over a period of up to a week; a process that allows her to step back and observe where a piece intends to go.

Additional Details:

– Exclusively available at Modern Times
– Artist-made by hand in Australia

Product Details

H: 400mm
W: 270mm
D: 280mm



Katarina Wells