Cassie Hansen Teeter Tower Hero

Teeter Tower, Ceramic Sculpture by Cassie Hansen


Teeter Tower, Ceramic Sculpture by Cassie Hansen, Black Midfire Clay, 175 x 105 x 80mm, 2021

About the work:

Teeter Tower, Ceramic Sculpture by Cassie Hansen.

Cassie Hansen’s work is inspired by the simplified forms and linear qualities of architecture and the built environment, as well as the shadows and compositions captured in architectural photography.

“This piece explores the geometric and linear qualities and compositions found in architecture, as well as how light and shadow can change the perception of buildings and objects,” says Hansen.

About the Artist:

Cassie Hansen is a Kyneton-based ceramicist, creating misfire and stoneware vessels, jugs and objects. As the editor of design magazine Artichoke, Cassie draws on a decade of experience writing about, editing and looking critically at design, architecture and interiors.

Artwork Details:

– Black Midfire Clay

Product Details

H: 175mm
W: 105mm
D: 80mm



Cassie Hansen

Black Midfire Clay