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Venus And Votice White Ella Bendrups Styled

Votive Candle Holder in White Raku by Ella Bendrups


Votive Candle Holder in White Raku by Ella Bendrups

About the work:

Votive Candle Holder in White Raku by Ella Bendrups.

This piece is made in collaboration with Modern Times exclusively for Illuminated; a series of limited-edition artist-made candle holders intended to provide a beautiful solitary moment, or contribute to a shared experience.

“Having a candle holder on the table primarily signifies celebration to me; the flickering flames fostering a sense of warmth and intimacy for a gathered group. It’s also a gift of connection with the ability to bring focus to a space or an occasion in a home; they are of service in both personal ritual and gatherings alike,” says Ella.

“During lockdown I have also come to appreciate how lighting candles allowed my partner and I to augment our experience of our home, signifying a time to be present and regroup.”

About the Artist:

Ella Bendrups hand-builds ceramics from a home studio in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs, utilising pinching, carving and slab building techniques to create functional and sculptural pieces with an organic feel. Ella celebrates the maker’s touch, drawing on primitive pottery techniques and embracing evidence of process in her finished work.

Additional Details:

– Exclusively available at Modern Times
– Artist-made by hand in Australia
– Limited numbers available
– Free Gift Wrap

Product Details

H: 170mm
W: 60mm
D: 60mm

Ella Bendrups

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