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Tube Sleeper in Sterling Silver by Newend Jewellery


Tube Sleeper in Sterling Silver by Newend Jewellery

Jeweller Cathy Tipping’s relocation from Melbourne to Los Angeles informs a collection of new shapes and details, influenced by the ever changing environment, the different light of the Northern Hemisphere and the practice of new methods. BALANCE continues Newend’s exploration of ‘everyday’ jewellery; forged in precious metals (sterling silver and solid 14 carat yellow gold). Practicality is merged with innovation and traditional jewellery findings are reinvigorated. It is a collection that affirms that jewellery is more than adornment. The pieces are durable enough to withstand daily wear and delicate enough to leave a light touch. Thoughtfully designed and sturdily constructed, they are reminders built to stand out and to last.

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