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Azurite Sculpture in Handbuilt Stoneware by Bettina Willner


Azurite Sculpture in Handbuilt Stoneware by Bettina Willner

About the work:

Azurite Sculpture in Handbuilt Stoneware by Bettina Willner.

This piece was created in response to Modern Times’s exhibition re:coquo for Melbourne Design Week 2021. Expanding on the broader Design Week theme of ‘Design the world you want’, re:coquo participants were invited to examine existing work, material or unresolved ideas and revisit the broken, forgotten or discarded with the aim of creating something anew.

“’Art is an open dialogue and it’s not logical. It does not always have to make sense.’ I love this quote by Lynda Bengalis. It comforts me. The conceptual aspect of art is often the focus in the gallery setting rather than the process,” says Willner.

About the Artist:

Bettina Willner is a Melbourne based artist whose practice involves an intimate connection between material, form and everyday life. Slabs, extrusions, elemental structures and gestural painting techniques characterise her sculptural ceramic pieces.

Additional Details:

– Exclusively available at Modern Times
– Artist-made by hand in Australia

Product Details

H: 215mm
W: 260mm
D: 260mm

Bettina Willner

Ceramic, Glaze