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Full Stop Vase in Stoneware by Anna Gleeson


Full Stop Vase in Stoneware by Anna Gleeson, Stoneware with Iron Oxide, 110 x 90 x 90mm, 2020

Full Stop Vase in Stoneware by Anna Gleeson.

Anna Gleeson’s ceramic practice is connected to punk rock: taking all that’s ugly and unlovable about oneself and putting it up there for all to see; her vessels hold broken dreams and failed attempts among other things.

“I’m interested in vessels because they have an inside and an outside; a hole, an edge and a rim. I like the way they can stand in for the figure; seeming to have ankles, hips, arms, lips, ears and an attitude. I have been drawing vessels I find in museums for years; I like the way they communicate across culture and time. Looking at an ancient Mesopotamian pot in the Louvre I think, I know what you mean. I know how to handle it and what I might use it for; it has an obvious relationship to the body. The paintings and prints of vessels here are my reading of that language. Or maybe a kind of fan art,” says Gleeson.

About the Artist:

Anna Gleeson is an Australian artist based in Hong Kong. Her practice spans painting, print-making and sculpture and these works are her first exploration of ceramic work. She has an interest in materiality, humanness and the body.

Artwork Details:

– Stoneware with Iron Oxide

Product Details

H: 110mm
W: 90mm
D: 90mm

Stoneware with Iron Oxide



Anna Gleeson