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Kepler Tray in Solid Brass by Corbet


Kepler Tray in Solid Brass by Corbet

Kepler Tray in Solid Brass by Corbet. Ashley Corbett-Smith is a Sydney based designer. With a background in both fashion and photography, he settled into product design after studying industrial design in both Sydney and The Netherlands. His aesthetic stems from a reductionistic point of view, attempting to create simple and honest objects, celebrating both form and materials in a playful way.

Inspired by Johannes Kepler’s first law of planetary motion from 1605, the Kepler tray pays homage to a love of space and the impact of scientific achievement in the world. An elliptical flat tray with a bowl for rings, keys or trinkets, it is a place to house the small things we use every day. The Kepler tray is visually light and streamlined, almost floating, like the planets, in their elliptical dance across the sky, accurately described by Kepler over 400 years ago.

Designed and made in Sydney, Australia.

Product Details

H: 30mm
W: 280mm
D: 180mm