22 Hero

No. 22 Teapot in Polished Bright Nickel with Red Gum Handle by Hendrik Forster and Kenny Son


No. 22 Teapot in Polished Bright Nickel with Red Gum Handle by Kenny Son and Hendrik Forster

This piece is part of our exhibition ‘The Teapot Project’ showcasing 30 handmade teapots using metals, acrylic and red gum timber. The Teapot Project is a collaborative project between Hendrik Forster and Kenny Yong-soo-Song.

     Through the subject of The Teapot, Son & Forster present a unique
collaboration of the social, cultural and historical context surrounding the production and use of the teapot. The project also illustrates an important and distinctive collaboration between two practitioners who come from different cultural, generational and educational backgrounds and who are able to work closely together on a single project with a parallel vision of achieving the
same goal.

     View this collection of work along with the story of Son & Forsters two-year journey to bring us this very special exhibition from the 19th – 28th July at the Modern Times showroom.

Product Details

H: 220mm
W: 175mm
D: 105mm

Hendrik Forster and Kenny Son

Bright Polished Nickel Plating, Red Gum Plating