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Patchwork Column, Ceramic Vessel by Lucy Tolan


Patchwork Column, Original Ceramic Vessel by Lucy Tolan, Porcelain, Glaze and Underglaze, 220 x 120 x 120mm, 2022

About the work:

Patchwork Column, Original Ceramic Vessel by Lucy Tolan.

This piece is part of Vivid Nostalgia, a joint exhibition by Lucy Tolan and Yan Guo.

Vivid Nostalgia is a sublime collaboration between ceramicist Lucy Tolan and painter Yan Guo, exploring architectural forms within the context of memories, both real and imagined. The resulting works are a shared vision of constructed environments, merging abstraction and realism through the use of basic geometric forms, while simultaneously capturing the organic nature of human touch and interaction.

Tolan’s sculptural vessels are formed in porcelain paper clay and held together by her signature seams. She creates tension and harmony through the employment of new textures and emphasised surfaces to unify the different panels despite the juxtaposed materiality. The resulting surfaces are reminiscent of concrete constructions, and realised in a playful scale. The pieces are designed to be considered not just as individual pieces, but as a collection: ‘the process was joyous and exciting as I followed by creative intuition and didn’t linger for too long on decisions. I experienced creative flow, and I believe this joy is reflected within the objects,’ says Tolan of the experience.

About the Artist:

Lucy Tolan’s works occupy the space where architecture and landscape meet. With repetitive patterns and bold colour, her objects are informed by modernist architecture and have textile like qualities. She’s concerned with juxtaposing form and texture to create both tension and harmony. Tolan collects and creates repetitive textures using natural and self-made objects and hand builds her work using a combination of pinch and slab building techniques. Tolan completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT in 2018, specialising in Ceramics.

Artwork Details:

– Porcelain, Glaze and Underglaze
– This sculptural vessel is watertight

Product Details

H: 220mm
W: 120mm
D: 120mm

Lucy Tolan

Porcelain, glaze, underglaze