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Small Brutalist Tile in Coarse White Clay by Jan Vogelpoel


Small Brutalist Tile in Coarse White Clay by Jan Vogelpoel, Edition 6 of 20, Framed in Oak, 260 x 290 x 55mm, 201

About the work:

Small Brutalist Tile in Coarse White Clay by Jan Vogelpoel.

Jan Vogelpoel’s works, particularly the texture and finish, are inspired by the incredible concrete murals of William Mitchell and the design inspiration from the large scale sculpture work of Alexander Calder and Lynn Chadwick. This new abstract relief work is made from a press mould and is an edition of 20.

‘For this piece, the clay is pressed into the mould, released and then refined. I work into the clay adding detail, shaping and refining the design. It then takes around two and a half weeks to dry out; it’s quite a long, slow process and requires quite a bit of attention,’ says Vogelpoel.

About the Artist:

Melbourne based Jan Vogelpoel hand builds one-off sculptural pieces that reflect her love of organic shapes and graphic lines. Vogelpoel has worked with clay for over 20 years, honing her skills under the direction of famed Capetonian ceramicist Barbara Jackson and teacher Karen Scott. Vogelpoel’s work reflects her passion for the process of bringing an idea to life through manipulating and building pieces that carry the energy of nature and the maker, which is something she finds both grounding and challenging, but ultimately rewarding.

Artwork Details:

– Coarse Warm White Clay – Framed in Oak

Product Details

H: 260mm
W: 260mm
D: 55mm

Jan Vogelpoel

Warm White Course Clay, Framed in Oak