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Tall Jeff Candle Holder in Ultramarine by Corbet


Tall Jeff Candle Holder in Ultramarine by Corbet

About the work:

Tall Jeff Candle Holder in Ultramarine by Corbet.

This piece is made in collaboration with Modern Times exclusively for Illuminated; a series of limited-edition artist-made candle holders intended to provide a beautiful solitary moment, or contribute to a shared experience.

“The ‘Jeff’ – being the first product I made commercially – will always hold a special place. In addition to the personal value, it signifies a more romantic or emotive quality of light and illumination. Electric lights are a consistent and even source of light while a candle flickers and has a completely different warmth, making a space feel inviting. I have a bunch at home. I believe as a gift a candle holder is both practical and personal; it is an object that is to be used, helps contribute to the atmosphere of a space and will last for a very long time if looked after,” says Ashley.

About the Artist:

Ashley Corbett-Smith is a Sydney based designer, with a background in both fashion and photography, he settled into product design after studying industrial design in both Sydney and the Netherlands. His aesthetic stems from a reductionistic point of view, attempting to create simple and honest objects, celebrating both form and materials in a playful way.

Additional Details:

– Exclusively available at Modern Times – Artist-made by hand in Australia – Limited numbers available – Free Gift Wrap – Your piece comes with a thousand year warranty!

Product Details

H: 100mm
W: 50mm
D: 50mm