Bree Cribbin Maiden Hero
Bree Cribbin Maiden Verso

Maiden, Ceramic Sculpture by Bree Cribbin


Maiden, Ceramic Sculpture by Bree Cribbin, 330 x 280 x 260mm, 2021

About the work:

Maiden, Ceramic Sculpture by Bree Cribbin.

This piece is part of Radiant Dreams, a group exhibition showcasing the work of more than 50 artists from the Modern Times community. Radiant Dreams invited our artists to unleash their most vibrant work, embracing colour, movement and verve. The resulting works are a buoyant collection reflecting optimism, energy and hope as we emerge from the monotonous routine of lockdown.

“In the midst of darkness there is fluctuations of movement and light. The maiden observes the movements to learn their ways, she gathers them to become untethered. It’s in the untethering she embraces the movements and dances to capture the light. Now with the strength of both she is on the verge of freedom,” Cribbin says.

About the Artist:

Bree Cribbin is a Sydney based artist, with a primary focus on Ceramics and Sculpture, reflecting a deep interest in the subconscious and its relationship to the body. Materialising sensations into tactile forms, her ceramic sculptures are pure alchemical expressions, a contemplative and cathartic process that facilitates an intuitive response channeled through her work.

Artwork Details:

– Ceramic Sculpture

Product Details

H: 330mm
W: 280mm
D: 260mm

Bree Cribbin

Ceramic Sculpture