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Mollymook 8, Ceramic Vessel by Catherine Tate


Mollymook 8, Ceramic Vessel by Catherine Tate, Stoneware and Glaze, 270 x 150 x 90mm, 2022

About the work:

Mollymook 8, Ceramic Vessel by Catherine Tate.

Catherine Tate’s work is drawn from the urban and coastal landscapes that surround her. Looking for patterns, textures and the rhythm of the natural world she uses a mixture of stoneware clays and an array of colours, slips and oxides to bring her hybrid landscapes to life.

“I see the canvas of my vessels reflecting the harmony between the discipline of the graphic artist and the freedom of the fine artist,” says Tate.

About the Artist:

Catherine Tate is a Sydney based ceramic artist with a background in graphic design. Before finding clay more than ten years ago Tate worked as fashion editor, art director and stylist.

On one hand her work is informed by architecture and interiors from contemporary minimalism to ancient architecture in rich decay. On the other she looks at textures, colours and the rhythm of the natural world to bring her hybrid forms to life.

Tate is constantly developing her work experimenting with slips, oxides, underglazes, glazes and a mixture of clays, stoneware and earthenware which she fires in her own kiln at her studio on the coast of Sydney.

Artwork Details:

– Stoneware and Glaze

Product Details

H: 270mm
W: 150mm
D: 90mm

Stoneware and Glaze